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A conscious touch always reaches deeper then just the surface.

Dear guest, you pay compensation for the time we reserve for you, the space we provide and the material we use, as well as for our many years of experience and professionalism. Our appreciation for you and your concerns, our dedication and sensitivity cannot be weighed in money and are a matter of course for us. Here you will find an overview of our massages that we would like to pass on to you with love, joy and our skills.

Thank you very much for your appreciation!


[Please note an important information about your visit: The front door will be open 5 minutes before your appointment, thank you.]



~ Massage work is love made tangible. ~

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Deep relaxation massages for future moms - beautiful pregnancy massage

45 min - 55 €

60 min - 70 €

90 min - 100 €


You're pregnant? Congratulations!:)

The pregnancy is a wonderful, but also a challenging time for expectant mothers - certainly no big news for you;).


Pregnancy massage is something special: it relieves the back, deters the tissue, and releases a lot of happiness hormones - which is a benefit to you and at the same time an important tool to strengthen the bond to your baby.

We massage you lying comfortably on the back and / or on the side, so that the massage is possible until about one month before the birth of your child. We discuss your individual needs beforehand and take care of them during the massage mindful and gentle.


Basically, the massage is suitable for all expectant mothers who feel comfortable!

Not recommended is the massage at:

  • Strong cold, flu, fever

  • Bleeding, premature labor or complaints with other unexplained causes

  • In the first three months of the pregnancy


We are very much looking forward

to (both of) you!:)

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for 2 persons, up from 60min
[for couples / friends / family members]
Parallel massages in 2 separate rooms:

Classic (Swedish) Massage, full body

60min/90min/120min - 70€/100€/130€ p.P.

Deep Tissue Massage, full body

70min/90min - 90€/110€ p.P.

60 min "Back & Neck Intensive", Deep Tissue

- 80 € p.P.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, full body

70min/90min/120min - 90€/110€/140€ p.P.

Parallel massages for 2 people (& more) can only be requested by email, thank you very much.

We are happy to give you this beautiful time-out!

!! NICE GIFT IDEA for couples/close friends! Learn the concious touch in the partner massage /
Individual 5h workshop for people, who want to learn to give a full body massage

Interested? Then please send us an e-mail inquiry wth your phone number and you will get the detailed information about the workshop.

Price per couple: 400 / 450 Euro (different packages)

holistic massage from Japan

50 min - 65 €

70 min - 85 €

90 min - 105 €

* Effect: deep relaxation / feeling yourself / release of [energetic] blockages

Shiatsu will pick you up exactly where you are at the moment. If you are afflicted by inner unrest, a treatment can help you to calm down and to feel clearer. You can concentrate better and so get your professional and private life relaxed "under control".

Shiatsu is a holistic massage form developed in Japan. It is traditionally practiced on a mat on the floor. You lie, you are moved, you can totally let yourself down and switch off. The masseuse touches you with both hands, elbows and knees as well as her entire body weight. This ensures pleasant deep relaxation throughout the body.

Important: Please bring comfortable clothes (such as shirt + sweatpants) and warm socks, thank you.

Mindful THAI Massage/THAI YOGA Massage  

45 min - 60 €

60 min -  75 €

90 min - 105 €

120 min - 135 €

* Effect: relaxation of the deep tissue, the joints, flexibilization of the body, relaxation / responding to individual tension zones *

Joephy offers you a nice mix of traditional Thai massage and Thai yoga massage. Massaging is done on a floor mat, whereby the masseuse uses her entire body weight mindfully. Though it is a deep and intensive massage, it is not too much for the body - Joephy massages intensively, but always very sensitively.


We love what we do! Me and my sensitive, carefully compiled team receive guests with respect and joy, creating a space of mindfulness, security and absolute relaxation. The  team offers a fantastic blend of the following massage techniques: 

Classic Aroma Therapy Massage (Swedish Massage), Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage (from Hawaii), Pregnancy Massage, Wellness Shiatsu and Mindful Thai Massage.

Our massages are not to be defined as "gently stroked". Rather, the sensitive applications represent the ideal mixture of tension-relieving deep tissue grasps and long strokes that put you in a state of deep relaxation.


We are looking forward to doing something good for you and taking time for you.

                                                      Irina Ivachkovets, massage therapist, back trainer and owner of "Nickerchen"

Massaging is our passion - we absolutely love what we do!

Our cosy massage rooms "Timeless", "Deep Dream" & "Deep Grounding"

Unsere Raum-Perle
Massagen mit ätherischen Ölen
Unser schöne Massageraum
Massageraum DEEP GROUNDING_03
Shiatsu und Thai Massage(T)raum
Neuer Massageraum
45min "The ideal timeout massage" -
Partial body Classic (Swedish) massage
ideal in the lunch time


The partial body massages with essential oil, f.ex.: "Back and neck tension goodbye!"

"For clear thoughts - head and face massage"

"For tired feet and legs"

"For mouse-tired hands and arms" ... are ideal in the lunch break.

45 min - 55 €

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Full body massages from 60 min
  • Classical aromatherapy massages
  • Lomi Lomi Massage (Hawaiian Massage)
  • Hot stone massage (deep relaxation of the muscles with hot stones)


We recommend the full body massages rather at the end of your working day, in order not to have to return to the workplace afterwards. During this massage the body is put into complete and deep relaxation, which leads to an enormous stress reduction. After the massage you will be given a generous wake-up phase.

Prices for classic aromatherapy massage:

60 min - 70 €

90 min - 100 €

120 min - 130 €


Prices for "Lomi Lomi Massage" (massage technique from Hawaii) 

70 min - 90 €

90 min - 110 €

120 min - 140 €


Prices for Hot Stone Deep Relaxation Massage:

90 min - 115 €

120 min - 145 €


It is pure massage time! After the massage you will be given enough time "to come back to your senses" with a cup of tea. And definitely without a hurry!

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(head, neck, back included)

This massage is fully dedicated to your back. As first your back will be put in the deep relaxation, then the tension will be removed by using deep tissue massage technique. After the massage you will feel lighter, freed and relaxed and as you have been grasped in the depth of the body.

60 min - 80 €

70 min / 90 min

This massage is fully dedicated to releasing deeper muscle tensions in your whole body. It is not a soft massage - we go deep in order to relieve you from the tension. After the massage you will feel lighter, freed and relaxed.

70 min - 90 €

90 min - 110 €

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